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1. All bids are per lot-no lots will be broken.

1A. All bids for our AUCTIONS must be sent to our email address-


2. In event of identical bids on the same lot, the lot will go to the first bid received.

3. Invoices must be paid within 3 days of receipt or coins cannot be returned.

4. Shipping, handling and postage will be added for lots delivered by mail.

5. Please bid in posted below INCREMENTS.  Non Incremental bids will not be accepted

6. Any lot REMOVED from original holder is considered SOLD!

7. Please check your bid sheets, mailbids, email bids carefully-WE are not responsible for  

    YOUR errors!

8. Auction sales are not approval sales-any lot may be examined before bidding if its  a

    FLOOR sale!

9. No lots may be returned by an  email bidder without our permission. Request to return coins must be made in writing/email within 

    THREE days of receipt of coins. Authenticity concerns must be returned by no later than seven days after the auction. 

10. NO lots may be returned by floor  bidders except for authenticity and they must be returned no later than 7 days from the auction

      date.  ALL floor sales are final for any other reason!

11. Any claims involving errors in the catalog must be made within THREE days of

      receipt of coins.

12. There is a 15% BUYERS FEE that will be added to your total purchases.

13. ALL email bids must be sent in the form of an email with no attachments

      or files. Just list them on your email and send.

14. We no longer accept faxed bids.

15. For our non floor bidders we now have a web site that has large wonderful full color

      pictures listed for the sale. It is


16. NEW Bid increments will be as follows: $1-$25  bid $2 increments,

                                                                 $26-$100 bid $5 increments, $101-$200 $10 increments

                                                                 $201-$500 bid $25 increments, over $501-$1000 bid $50, and $1001-$2000    

                                                                 $100 increments, over $2001 bid $250 increments


17. We accept Credit Cards, Cash and checks-for cash and checks buyers fee is 15%, CC is 18.5%






PO BOX 636

MARION, CT. 06444